Tuesday January 27, 2015    

Creek Gold

Our Creek gold panning area is located at the confluence of Gold Bottom and Hunker creeks, in the “Heart of the Klondike” and is a few easy steps from our facilities at “The Roadhouse”.

$20.00 per person for 1/2 Day (4 hrs.) and $50.00 per person for full day (10am-6pm) of creek panning.

Guaranteed gold - $10.00 per pan.

Groups of 10 or more people, ask for our GoldBottom Special

Gold Panning:

The two most popular options for gold panning are Guaranteed or Creek gold panning. Keep the gold you find!

Gold panning is available at either location, anytime from 10 am until 6 pm, daily.

We offer gold panning demonstrations throughout the day, so stop by and learn how to use a klondike gold pan. Give it a try! You are guaranteed to find gold!

While you are at our downtown Ticket Office, be sure to ask about the placer gold mine tour, our cabins and authentic creek gold panning at our Klondike gold fields location at GoldBottom.

Any of the GoldBottom Crew is happy to show you how to use the oldest and still the best tool for gold prospecting - a klondike gold pan. Visitors are welcome to use their own gear; however we ask that it be confined to a gold pan only at this area.

We have everything you’ll need to fulfill your gold seeking dreams, including instructions, rubber boots, gold pans, poke and shovels. Finally, just to keep things interesting we also provide AUTHENTIC paydirt with this dirt, you get the same guarantee we get, it is the same gravels we’re mining, sooooo… good luck! And have fun!

High Bank/In-stream sluicing:

Over the years we've been asked if there is anywhere to set-up a high banker or mini sluice and we've heard your pleas.

We have 69 placer gold claims along GoldBottom and Hunker creeks. This activity is intended for the more serious "hobby" miner and we have restrictions as to what we consider a "hobby" miner.

Remember that it's not, finding the gold, it's seeking the gold! We promise the setting is awesome, the adventure is real and the gold is a glorious bonus!